Sunday, October 02, 2011

Irish Victory Rugby Ball...another excuse to cook?

Today I decided a little celebration was in order for the rugby what with us doing so well and all. Plus eating food that is green, white and gold (perhaps more 'orangey' in these photos) just makes you feel patriotic doesn't it....?

Now I'm not the biggest sport's fan but even I know we're doing really well in the rugby world cup. Mr. Moustache was hungry, what else could it be but the Irish Victory Rugby Ball.
 So I was pretty much feeling like this today...
 But Mr. M was a little like this...La France wasn't playing (next week Mr. M. next week). So I decided to take some peas, potatoes and butternut squash and see what it could be turned into...
First up, some palmond (peas and almond, see what I did there) purée.Take 200 grams of frozen peas and cook in simmering water for 10 minutes. Pop into a blender, with a handful of flaked almonds, 1/2 a handful of mint leaves. If you feel like it add a tablespoon of créme fraiche and a teaspoon of butter. Then blitz altogether until smooth. Now, at this stage you have a lovely little side dish,  however, it still ain't no rugby ball.
Take a butternut squash. This can be really hard to take the skin off, but not if you roast it first. Just cut in half lengthways, scoop out the seeds, drizzle with olive oil, add some crushed garlic and roast in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for 30 minutes. Butternut squash roasted is just delicious, it nearly starts to carmalise and tastes lovely and sweet. 
 Now, we're just missing one thing I think. Ah yes, that's it, now it would hardly be properly Irish without le spud would it?! Take 3 small potatoes, cook in simmering water until soft (20 minutes) drain, put back in the saucepan and mash away to your heart's content. If you're looking for a tastier mash you can add some créme fraiche or cream and a small bit of butter. Sometimes I use skimmed milk (I know, I know, just kidding myself really) if I want to make it a bit lighter. 
Then take your 3 colours/vegetables and assemble and give to 1 hungry French man to devour! Now, I know not everyone would consider putting together a tri-colour rugby ball a sensible way to spend their you can always make these dishes separately and use them as sides. Yum, Yum, Yum, times 3.