Sunday, November 20, 2011

London Calling, Mr. Moustache Answering...

So I'm sitting here on a foggy day in London looking up places for brunch in Notting Hill. Mr. Moustache has relocated to London, which is a great reason for weekend trips away. But Mr. Moustache if you're reading this - please come home!! 

I've had to neglect Cuisine Genie lately, life got in the way (doesn't it always?). It's been a tough few months and still is, I'll explain why some day, but now upwards and onwards. I'm hoping to re-organise my life and get back in action over the next few months. 

A lot of my dishes now have to be ones that can be popped into tupperware for Mr. M to bring on the plane for his dinners. So far I've given him plenty of pasta bakes. I think I'd better come up with something new before he turns into a piece of penne! 

I'm going to use today to get some inspiration and come up with some new dishes. I hear beetroot is the 'hot' veggie of the moment, so we could do something interesting there. Beetroot tarte tatin anyone?! I'll update again when things are a little more organised. 

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