Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eating, no cooking

Oh how I'd love to tell you that Mr. Moustache's breakfast always looks like this: 

His lunchbox like this: 

And of course his dinner like this: 

Or this:
Ah, not quite.

From time to time I get a little bit lazy and resort to meals like last night's dinner...bangers and mash anyone? In my defence the the sausages were sort of fancy ones with apple and honey (strange but yummy). I tried to fob it off as a homage to the English classic but Mr. M was having none of it. He came home again this evening, opened a near empty fridge and looked at me with a pained expression on his face. Le takeaway ce soir perhaps? My excuse is we're going away tomorrow so I can't be letting food go to waste now, can I? It's also my excuse for no 'Lunchbox of the Week' options this week. We're off to Brussels to visit La Maman de Mr. Moustache. 

But fear not for Mr. M. For those times when I can't get my cooking mojo on, there are 1,000's of restaurants in London to choose from. In fact Wiki Answers kindly tells me there are at least 5, 570 of them. And then you have all the pop-ups, food markets, supper clubs etc. Oooh I could be ditching my pots and pans more often...

You can eat anything and everything here. From nose to tail to gourmet burgers, from cheap eats to Michelin starred feasts, from healthy options to sinful treats. And if you don't like choice on your menu you'll love what London can offer. Restaurants that don't give you any that is. Like Burger and Lobster (guess), Tramshed (chicken and steak) and the soon to be Bubbledogs (go on...think about it...). 

Mr. Moustache, Burger and Lobster, no burger
You can't see his head because he's literally floating on cloud nine.
That's a whole 1kg lobster he's about to attack

Like most things in London I nearly don't know where to begin, there're so many and my head starts to spin. Which one? Which one? WHICH ONE?! So we're working our way through them. I might have to be a little bit lazier in the kitchen. 

Don't worry Mr.Moustache my kitchen will always be open to you. 

So if you'd like to hear more about some of the places we try when I'm feeling lazy you can have a little look here. Ah, please do, you might just like it. Enjoy...

And in case you didn't figure it out by now, it was champagne and hot dogs of course! 

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