Friday, July 06, 2012

Introducing Mr. Moustache's Lunchbox Of The Week

Before I moved to London Mr. Moustache survived for 6 months by himself. Isn't he marvellous. Although he did develop a mild form of scurvy from living on pizza and ready meals. Really Mr. M? You're in London and that's the best fast food you could get? Tut tut. OK maybe the scurvy part is an exaggeration, but I have definitely seen him look a lot healthier! At the start I did  'meals on wings' for him to bring on the plane, which didn't last long...Not to worry though, it's been rectified since I got here and I'm happy to say there's not a ready meal to be seen. 
Now Mr. M is pretty easy going about what he eats at home. He only has a couple of stipulations: variety and large portions. That's not to say that he doesn't have fine tastes. The man grew up eating oysters, foie gras, caviar etc. on a regular basis. Imagine his shock spending Christmas with me. What's wrong with a great big turkey and ham Mr. M? My cooking not good enough for you now?! 
There're no oysters over in London at the moment let me tell you, unless it's of the travel card variety. We're back to basics while we wait to move our things over. I'm cooking with 2 pans, 2 dishes, 2 knives and not much else. And guess what? It's actually strangely refreshing as everything has to be extra simple. I love it. 

The one thing Mr. M does particularly love though is his 'Lunchbox Of The Week'. It started from a little joke of me trying to do fancy lunches for us to bring to work in Ireland. Note the word trying.  And they're not always fancy. So I thought I'd continue it here. Once a week Mr. M picks one of our favourite lunchboxes. Yes, a productive way for two grown adults living in London to spend their free time. We do lots of other stuff too I promise. And of course, we don't have lunches like this all the time - sometimes life is just too short to cook.  Anyway, if you're interested in seeing his favourites you can have a look at them here. Here's a little sneak preview, the 'Mini Me' Lunchbox. All good things come in small packages y'know. 

'Mini me assemble your own' burger, sweet potato nutmeg mash
Vegetable quiche, mini beef wellington and an onion ring hiding beside the quiche.
Mr. M's verdict? 'Petite mais delicieux'.