Friday, July 27, 2012

O-Day Lunchbox Of The Week

Rain's back. Ha! Told ya. You can't see me but I'm doing a little victory wiggle. Although it is meant to clear up later on. And just as well, because unless you've been hibernating with a stone on top of you, you'll know it's O-Day today: London 2012. 

There are two camps of people living in London when it comes to the Olympics. Those who loathe all the fuss and have already most likely escaped the city, probably to lay on their yacht somewhere sunny. And those who can't get enough of it and are nearly bursting waiting for it to begin. Guess which camp I fall into? Well I've no yacht and Mr. Moustache really enjoys my regular updates on what is happening with the Games, the latest whereabouts of the Torch and did you know that it's only 20 days, 7 hours and 23 seconds to kick-off Mr. M? I know he enjoys them because he told me. Who else out there was ringing their smartphone as a bell at 8.12am precisely this morning? 

There could also be a third camp, people like Mr. Moustache, who have a 'normal' reaction to it and are just enjoying it while not going overboard. Ah, far better to take it to the extreme.

So to get into the spirit I decided some Olympic themed lunchboxes were in order this week. Now who wouldn't enjoy The Flamer Burger, or some Olympic Doughnut Rings, or a velodrome sandwich (didn't work, don't try it). Or what about this week's Lunchbox Of the Week:


I'm not that sad...honestly. And that's hardly a proper lunch now is it?

I decided this could be classed as a little more normal instead. Marginally. Turning these: 

Mini Two Cheese Omelettes (feta and cheddar) 

Into these: 

Eggilicious Olympic Rings Lunchbox
Mr. M's verdict? 'Allez Team France!'

See, perfectly normal, just a few mini omelettes. 

The blue ring posed a problem. I never realised that we do not have enough blue foods in the world. Blueberries were the best I could come  up with and then a slice of brioche came into the mix. Not sure the omelette base would have worked, but it's still kind of egg based. Kind of as in not really. Then some mini omelettes topped with: aubergine, parma ham, roast butternut squash and lettuce and basil leaves. Now I'm not naming any names here, but somebody had a little nibble of it before it was finished...Oh oui, you know who you are. 

With all the branding controversy going on at the moment I hope it's OK. Hmmm, somehow I think Mr. Moustache's Lunchbox will be under the radar.

In other news, we're off to the Opening Ceremony tonight! Fancy! Go Team Irlande! 

Em, that would be the BT London Live Opening Ceremony Concert...not quite the main event. But it will be in Hyde Park and, hopefully, right in the middle of the action. Who knows, I might even flog the Eggilicious Lunchbox there. Excited? Me? Ooooh just a little...

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