Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sshh...Can you keep a secret?

Now don't tell Mr. Moustache, but I'm in love. Oh yes, I'm in love with London and it's getting worse every day. In fact, it's our two month anniversary today. Sshh. 

I'm not quite sure how it happened. Before I moved over everyone was telling me how fabulous London was and what a perfect time it was to move here with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. But all I could think was I was leaving people I loved...but to be with the person I loved. Turns out being here doesn't feel that far away from home, most of the time. I know that I can get home in a couple of hours and Skype makes it a lot easier. And, oh dear, I know it's a terrible cliché of the Irish person going across the water, but I did bring my own tea bags.  So I arrived and it was sweet but still so bitter leaving my family. By the time I moved over Mr. Moustache practically had scurvy. He's OK now and is even complaining about putting on weight.
So I turned to London. And it's been a whirlwind (and windy) romance ever since. London is amazing, breathtaking,  surprising, energising. I've spent hours walking by the Thames, around the streets (getting lost really), exploring museums, cafés, squares and the parks. Oh the parks, don't get me started on the parks. The parks are what really got me hooked: Picnics in the beautiful St. James's Park right in the middle of the city, beside Buckingham Palace. 

But it hasn't all been easy, London is the type of city that will chew you up and spit you out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some days it feels harsh, cold and uncaring. And I don't just mean the weather. You're walking along with 1,000s of people and still feel lonely. But it only takes one of those people to make you feel part of it again. Weather and transport are not my friends here. But, I'll put up with the bad bits to experience:

I could go on and on, and believe me I tend to over here. But really the sweetest thing of all is that when London goes cold, I still have Mr. Moustache to share it all with me. So, am I happy I moved to London? Hell yeah! And I'm going to tell you all about it...All about cooking, eating and living in London. 

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