Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend in Brussels...and not a moule in sight

We're just back from our visit to La Maman de Mr. Moustache in Brussels. Now before I met Mr. Moustache I didn't know much about Brussels. But over the years I've built up a teeny bit of knowledge - here's my non-essential guide to a weekend there. 

Eight things you may, or may not, need to know before you visit

1. They're mad for their waffles the Belgians, mad for them, on discount and all. Dare I say even more than they are for their moules frites. Yes, Mr.M, I know they're really called gaufres, excuse-moi.

2. Speculoos is another of their loves. Imagine a type of cookie dough but in a creamy spread. It's even nut allergy friendly. You could try Speculoos with ice-cream or on a gaufre...But don't kid yourself, we all know how this is going to end: You, the jar, spoon or no spoon, it's up to you: 

3. If you like cheese you may need to sit down for this one. They have truffle cheese. Truffle Percorino to be precise. With truffle shavings, not just the flavour. You must eat this. You must.  

La Maman and I would happily live on this, some bread (a baguette) and red wine (French of course), forever. I can't repeat what one of Mr. M's very good friends said when he tasted it for the first time at dinner this weekend. Let's just say he was very very happy: 

4. The Belgians know just the right way to serve crêpes:

5. Decisions, decisions, decisions. One of their smaller bakeries

6.  They know how to make desserts look healthy. Look at all that fruit, simply has to be good for you:

7. Make sure you share the love when you're there, even their salt and pepper mills do

8. And when you've eaten too much just relax on the beach. Who needs the coast when Brussels Beach is on your doorstep. A little urban beach along the canal, mojitos are obligatory:

Our weekend was topped off with a fabulous Bastille Day meal Chez La Maman. Chef on the night was Mr.M, with a little help from La Maman. Del...ic...eux.

We had a ball, ate far too much cheese and loved it all. We even convinced La Maman to book her Eurostar ticket for a visit to London.

All the same it's good to be back. Ah, c'mere and give me a little hug London, I missed you.