Monday, August 27, 2012

Croatia Day 1 - 3

Croatia Day 1 - 2: Sunrise. Sail. Swim. Sunbathe. Sail. Swim. Sunset. Sleep. Sunrise. Swim. Sail. Sunset.

Croatia Day 3: Sunrise. Sail. Swim. Storm.

Yes, day 3 brought a little surprise. Out of nowhere winds of 47 knots arrived. And we got our first taste of proper sailing. Our skipper, Le Frère de Mr. Moustache, brought us calmly back to safety while I hid downstairs in the cabin, hanging on for dear life and promising all the things I'd do and what a good person I would become if we could just get back to land. Now, if like me, you're not familiar with sailing terms, 47 knots is a pretty BIG storm. Think like a mini tornado. Well that's what it felt like. We could hear cries of Mayday Mayday on the radio, waves crashing, and my teeth chattering. But, merci au Skipper, we're safe and sound. 

There're worse places to be stranded...

And now we're stranded on an idyllic island until the weather improves. And to make it even worse the only restaurant serves fish carpaccio, salads with chunks of fresh feta, panna cotta au Cointreau and some of the best wine(s) I have tasted. La vie en rose...tough times. Sails crossed things improve.

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