Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gone Fishing...

Well not quite fishing, but I promise I haven't abandoned you dear Reader. I'm a little busy you see,  entertaining my fabulous younger cousin and showing off my London to her.

She's sixteen and makes me feel a little elderly, nonchantly throwing out one liner gems such as 'I'm a trained abseiler' and 'I was in China in April'. Even introducing me to the concept of a YouTuber gathering. Say what now? When I was that age France was an exotic destination and I was officially trained to make the best friendship bracelets. Ever. And the internet? We had one computer in school with it...Oh dear. 

Since when did I become ANCIENT???

Fear not,  I will always be twenty four in my head, forever and ever. Amen. And London has so much to show (and impress) even a well travelled abseiling teenager.

I'm bringing her on a whistle stop tour with plenty of obligatory cheesy photos and my favourite restaurants. Day three and I've eaten my body weight in Eggs Benedict, ice cream and churros already. Details to follow. In the meantime I better get back to being cool and down with it. Totes.

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