Friday, August 24, 2012

Sail away with me, but have breakfast first...

Excited? Me? Possibly. We're off on our summer holidays today, hip hip hip hooray! To Croatia, sailing to be precise. When I say sailing I use the term loosely as I plan to be spending the time sun bathing (turning a lovely shade of red) and catching up on my reading. I've a tonne of books. I can see the glares from Mr. Moustache already if we're over the baggage allowance at the airport, whoops. And it's thirty three degrees over there. Oh dear, I'm going to melt and turn into a little lobster. Factor 50 at the ready.

Now, to set us up for travelling, this week's Lunchbox Of The Week had to be something traditionally Irish...what else but an Irish breakfast? Oh yes. But adapted for a lunchbox, of course.

The Full Irish Lunchbox

A filo pastry egg filled parcel, Parma ham, mushroom pâté puddings. And some (fancy-ish) baked bean ragu - flageolet beans with leek and chive sausages. Mr. M's verdict? 'Allez Irlande!'. 

And Croatia here we come!


  1. Have a fantastic time in Croatia :) it's so pretty over there

  2. Thanks Edith. I love it over there. Lots of pictures to follow!

  3. Merci! And practical too, you can bring it to work without having eggs or beans sliding all over your desk ;-)