Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunny summer nights, an obligatory Pimm's and a Lunchbox

Do you remember your last lazy sunny summer night? For those of us in Ireland or the UK they can be a rare event. 

Lazy summer night in London, Frank's Cafe Bar

You get home and dust off your summer clothes. I'm sure I saw those flip flops somewhere...and then...get the barbecue out. It's a known fact in Ireland that once the sun dares to show its face you must have a barbecue. And sit there shivering a little, munching on burgers, chicken kebabs or whatever BBQ special was in the supermarket. So you have a few rosés or an ol' cheeky cider (has to be a summer drink) and chat about how mad hot the weather is. Can you believe it? But sure it's a little bit too hot though isn't it? Couldn't bear it like this all the time. Don't worry, summer happens in Ireland from 12.10pm - 4.06pm, generally on a Tuesday in July, when you're stuck in work. It'll be back to normal on the Wednesday.

Ooooh lucky me, I'm living in London now. Where we're having another week of temperatures in the twenties. Sorry dear Reader if you live in Ireland. I hear it doesn't last here either. So while it does here's a little snapshot of what we've been up to.

Taste the sunshine, it's Pimm's O'Clock
Made for sharing

Eat the sunshine, blue banana and pistachio ice cream
We normally only get as far as the pavement with it. Not made for sharing.

And there's nothing I love more on a lazy summer night then a very bold treat...traditional fish and chips. It always reminds me of when I was youngER and my Dad would get us a chipper and the best bit was all the extra chips hidden around the bag. Little crispy bits, soaked in salt and vinegar. I can't spell the sound, but you know the sound of licking your lips? Yep that one, I'm doing that now. Can't beat a fish and chips. 

This week I wanted to recreate the experience for our lunchbox, but the smell of a chipper is not really appropriate for the workplace. And so the Fish and Chips Lunchbox was born and swam its way to the Lunchbox Of The Week.

Cod sprinkled with golden, crunchy breadcrumbs. Roast potato crisps and chips. And it would hardly be a proper fish and chips without some mushy peas. Mr. M's verdict? ' J'adore a bag of blocks and a swimmer'. Well said Mr. Moustache, well said. 


  1. Ohhh can't beat fish and chips. Dinner tonight I think! Looks so yummy.

  2. Sounds perfect for dinner! Enjoy :-) Would you believe after I typed this Ireland got a heat wave ;-)