Monday, September 10, 2012

Back home part one: Up the Rebels!

Have you ever lived abroad? The best bit is coming home. And the worst bit is coming home. Because then you have to admit how hard it is. It's a lot easier to pretend I'm not homesick flitting around the grimy streets of my beloved London. A lot easier to pretend my heart doesn't ache when I can't pop over to have a chat with my Mum and Dad. Blurry Skype images don't always cut it. London isn't far from Ireland and I really do love it here. But sometimes there's just no place like home. So I clicked my beige heels (I swear I had mine before Kate Middleton) and we flew back.

Home is where your heels are

Weekend in Cork: We came, we saw, we ate.

I'm from Dublin but my Mum's a Corkonian, so technically that makes me half a Rebel Culchie. We'd planned a proper Cuisine Genie Family reunion - my parents, my brother and my lovely sister-in-law. Oh my parents and brother are lovely too. And I suppose we'd better let Mr. Moustache come along as well, we said. To a luxury weekend in Castlemartyr ResortBut then aforementioned lovely brother got really sick. So caring family that we are, we unpacked our bags and ate extra portions in his absence. I do feel kinda bad about eating his breakfast. Happily though he's on the mend now.

What a weekend. With the only other person who's always more right than I am, Mum par excellence. And the man who squeezes every last drop out of life, my Dad. Spending this time together almost a year since he went into hospital was particularly poignant. But that's a whole other story, and for another time.

Beautiful Cork also has another attraction. My country cousins. Like proper we-live-on-a-farm-and-have-cows-and-hens cousins. I spent a lot of time there when I was younger but never quite got the hang of the whole milking thing. Much to the cows' delight. Heels, muddy fields and milking are not a pretty combination.

How's this for a welcome home from Genie Junior? That's my God Daughter, not my own daughter. Yikes.

Copyright Genie Junior

What else happens on the farm?

Genie Junior's Hens
Left to right, Katie Taylor and Henny Penny 

Free range eggs by Katie Taylor and Henny Penny

Cork's largest courgette, reared by Genie Junior

Hmmm. Looks like I've got a bit of competition in the kitchen:

Fairy cakes by Genie Junior, 100% Mr. Moustache approved

Scones by Genie Junior's big sister, The Scholar
She'll have them eating out of her hand when she starts college next week

And no farming family would be complete without their brothers. One who is famed for his internet skills (the family's technical guru) and the other who is a white hot chocolate connoisseur and All-Ireland champion.

                                 Up the Rebels, All-Ireland Winner Jersey

4 kids, 1 Farmer, multiple cows, 3 hens, 1 dog and 1 kitten (Tiffany). A peaceful household as you can imagine. My aunt, The Mothership, has even stayed sane all these years. Respect.

A weekend of family, luxury and eating. We spent most of it in a (food) daze.

I'd never been to Castlemartyr Resort and I loved it. On the site of an old monastery, with a castle, large open spaces, a spa and swimming pool what else could you want? Food. Lots of it. Done.

But that's a whole other blog post. Back home part two. And the Midleton Food and Drink Festival and Farmers Market (part three). And what could possibly complete such a weekend? Only a Jameson Irish Whiskey Tour. Hiccup. Yep, you guessed it, another blog post. Hang on to yer hat there now boy. 

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