Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back home part three: Eating Midleton

So far on my trip home to Cork we've had family and free-range hens (Back home part one), followed by indulgence and gluttony in Castlemartyr (Back home part two).What's missing? Ah, what about a little more food and drink I hear you say. Oh alright then. Just because it's you. On the Saturday we visited the The Midleton Food and Drink Festival and Farmers Market.

Midleton Food and Drink Festival

After breakfast we all rolled into my Mum's car and tootled down the road to the town of Midleton. You might know Midleton because of its brilliant Farmers Market or the Jameson Whiskey Distillery. For me it will always be where I got my Confirmation outfit. If you grew up in Ireland this might sound familiar. It was fabilis. A lovely ensemble of matching black waistcoat and ankle length black skirt sporting a white flower print. Teamed with a clashing cream blouse. Finished off with clumpy black patent shoes and cream ankle socks. And a french plait, the hairstyle of the nineties.  Yes, I chose it myself. But this is not a post on my fashion mistakes (that would be too long).

Since 2000 the Saturday Farmers Market in Midleton has showcased local producers. This Saturday we were extra lucky as the annual Midleton Food and Drink Festival was taking place. Established in 2005 it combines fine street food, local producers, drinks and entertainment.

Local entertainment and there really is a Culchie Festival 
Readers outside of Ireland:
A culchie is our lovely term for someone who isn't from Dublin.
Please click here for more information on this interesting subject

I was looking forward to a trip down foodie memory lane sampling all Irish-made treats. We arrived around midday and the Main Street was bustling. Visiting the festival first, here's a little of what we sampled. I'd just had a 3 course breakfast but ever the professional I struggled on for you dear Reader. 

Perfect sized treats from Bite Size

Clonakilty - Ireland' finest pudding
Pudding sandwich anyone? Don't look at me like that, you know you want to

Frizzling steaks, burgers and sausages at The Organic BBQ

Shark or trout. Your choice...

Sizzle and smell combined = one of the longest queues

Hang on a sec, not very Irish now is it?

Gotta support the French

At the end of the street we continued on and wandered around the corner to the Farmers Market. I would have loved to see the market take centre stage with the festival. Maybe next year?

One of my guiltless pleasures

Not sure if this little guy has any connection with the cheeses 

Michelle's Bakery (gluten free treats)
Another lady who knows the Irish and the French are a perfect match

Frank Hederman Smoked Salmon

Tasting relishes from Ballymaloe 

O'Connail's Chocolate

Imagine the taste of a hot chocolate made from one of these jars
Smooth, rich and creamy with a seductive roasted aroma in the air 
It could just be one of your best hot chocolate experiences 

Clearly we'd had enough to eat at this stage. But, in this writer's humble opinion, it would be scandalous to  visit Midleton without a cup of tea and cake at the Farmgate restaurant. 

And then we all rolled (a bit more slowly this time) back into the car. I'm afraid there's just one stop left on our trip. Being in Midleton we had to taste the water of life, uisce beatha, or you might know it as Irish Whiskey. 

Coming tomorrow evening: Back home part four: Jameson Whiskey Tour. Strictly over 18's only.

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  1. Teehee, that was the point! If you haven't been there you should visit Cork and the Farmers Market or else the English Market...they're both brilliant. I have an unexpected prize giveaway coming up that might give you the opportunity...Stay tuned! ;-)

  2. Sorry it's all in my belly! And I can't stop eating flipping cheese since I got home. So help me dear baby cheeses teehee ;-)