Monday, September 03, 2012

My Croatian Dream

My feet are firmly back on the ground after a week of sun bathing sailing in Croatia. Blissful, sunny, idyllic Croatia. So much sun I'm selling my excess vitamin D, any takers?

Now before you start thinking that Mr. Moustache and I are skilled sailors, I'd better tell you that our fabulous holiday was all thanks to Le Skipper. Le Frère de Mr. Moustache. And his motley crew. Although Mr. M and one of his best friends did tow their own during the week too. Me? Not so much. I'm more an ideas person me...

Our yacht
Psych. If we had that I'd have moved to Croatia a long time ago

That's more like it
I give you, Bibi 

Before going I said to myself 'Ah, a week in Croatia, some sailing, sunbathing and lots of fresh fish'. I neglected to think of one little thing. Storms. YIKES. I'm a scardey cat at the best of times and the storm we encountered was a pretty big one. Ever heard of the Bora wind? You do not want to be messing with Bora. Like a seasoned Croatian told us, 'When Bora comes you stay at home'. But Bora came without warning and descended on us in a few minutes. Luckily Le Skipper had got us out of the worst of it in time. But. Oh wow. I thought I was a goner. 

Me during the storm (source Wikepedia)

Crouching in the cabin I counted the seconds back to land. All 4, 534 of them. I can't put into words how sweet our food and wine tasted that night. We were marooned on the beautiful island of Zut, all 2km wide of it. Feasting on fish carpaccio with truffle, a mixed platter bursting with scampi, mussels, prawns, calamari and the freshest white fish. Sadly I only remembered to take photos by the time dessert came around.

The sweetest post-Bora dessert, Panna Cotta au Cointreau 

We spent the night on Zut, waiting for the weather to clear and coming down from the adrenalin rush.

A conveniently located wine cellar, Restaurant Festa, Zut

Safe harbour

Thankfully Bora went back to bed the next day and the rest of the holiday passed in a blur of beautiful bays, stunning sunrises (making a 6am start enjoyable) and hypnotising sunsets.

Bays like this

The sun sneaking his hat on at 6am

And taking it off that evening

If you want a sailing holiday with everything, you need to go to Le Skipper. He thought of everything and planned the perfect route for us. So a grand grand merci. He even got an unexpected guest to drop by:

Eat your heart out Fungi

At night we dined like kings and queens, so much lovely fish. And of course a few sneaky pizzas and chips thrown in for me. Sure I was on my holidays wasn't I? After a day of lounging on the boat and swimming in the crystal blue adriatic sea an ol' pizza goes down a treat. We even managed time for Le Possion Lunchbox Of The Week.

French was the language of the trip, and some English for me too of course. Which might have added to my confusion during the storm perhaps. But it was all just fabulous. I can't wait for our next sailing trip, if Le Skipper will have us back again.

The Marina, called Marina, so that's Marina Marina then

If life gets better than this I want to know about it

But I have a confession to make. I was missing my bed and essentials such as a hair dryer. So our last night we treated ourselves to a bit of luxury at Hotel Niko in Zadar. If you ever visit Zadar you should check it out. We sank into the bed on arrival. And ate a delectable dinner, before this little fish got to it. 

Dinner is served, Hotel Niko Zadar

Then on our last morning, the breakfast to end all breakfasts:

First course

Second Course. Unnecessary? Maybe. Delicieux? Yes.

So that's it, I've woken up from the dream back to London. Back to the crowded tube, noisy grimy streets and wearing a lot more than a swimsuit. Sigh.

Goodnight Croatia. We'll be back.

Special thanks to our good friend for some of his photos, Code Name Annexe. And of course Le Skipper. Merci x. 

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