Friday, September 07, 2012

Reality Bites (but it tastes nice)

The week you get back from your holidays is always a little strange isn't it? Reconciling your 'holiday self' with your 'back-to-reality-and-miserable-self'.  I'm sitting on the tube, thinking only a few days ago I was lazing on a boat surrounded by blue skies and even bluer seas. Then I hear Mind The Gap...

I've been feeling a little cross/cranky/narky (take your pick) after waking up from my Croatian dream. So for this week's Lunchbox Of The Week I wanted something to remind us of the amazing food we had. Now it's not very practical to put a whole fish platter in a lunchbox (try it, you might have better luck than me) so I made a few adjustments. Posh fish fingers. Who doesn't love fish fingers? Always brings me back to being seven and three quarters and refusing to eat them until I chopped them up into minute pieces. 

After last week's Poisson Lunchbox Of The Week, it's good to get back to something we didn't have to catch ourselves...

Posh Fish Fingers Lunchbox

Courgette carpaccio in a filo pastry basket. Topped with a mini feta parcel.
Cod fish fingers.
With a tomato salsa in a lettuce boat (well we did go sailing)

Mr. Moustache's verdict? 'I never knew fish fingers could be bourgeois!'. Yes indeed Mr. M, well put. Got yourself a new posh lunchbox to go with the posh fish fingers too I see Mr. M? Fancy. 

It hasn't quite brought me back to my holiday self, but it was pretty tasty. And it's got a non-bourgeois price. Only £3.26* for the ingredients. Cheaper than a take away sandwich and a lot more scrumptious...

* That's €4.11 or you can convert to your own currency here.

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