Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well well well

A little while ago a lovely lady in Ireland told me about the Goodall's Modern Irish Cookbook Competition. She said she thought of me when she saw it.

Goodall's were looking for food bloggers to submit their modern Irish recipes to publish the best ones in a book. I looked it up and sighed, imagine, me in a cookbook. I can always dream right? So I entered, what else, the Lunchbox Of The Week. Sent it off and said to myself, that's another thing done, now move onto the next. 

The results came out this week. And one lunchbox didn't make it. 

Because, dear Reader, two made it. Two! In a book! Like a proper book. With top bloggers! Clunk. Mr. Moustache picked me up from the floor and I nibbled on an emergency lunchbox to revive me. I muttered a nonsensical string of 'book' 'lunchboxes' 'fancy do' 'book'.

All proceeds go to two very worthy charities, Cork Penny Dinners and Crosscare. Now how many copies can I put you down for? A massive congratulations to all the wining contributors (full list here). Looks like I'm in excellent company. I can't wait to get my paws on it and try all the recipes. A special mention to another expat in London - the talented Elaine from the Claremont Road Kitchen.

Oh yes, and there's a fancy launch do on the 18th of October in the Merrion Hotel, Dublin. The Merrion if you don't mind. Swoon. Note to self, need new outfit.

Big thanks are due to Margaret from Goodall's who has a busy few weeks ahead of her with editing and organising the layout.

To that lovely Irish lady: Thank you for thinking I could do something I didn't even know I could do myself. And of course, to Mr. Moustache for his dedication to eating the lunchboxes: Merci chéri.

That's this year's Christmas presents sorted then. Here's one of the lunchboxes that made it. Take a little look here and guess the other one...tis very Irish.

Fish and Chips Lunchbox
Cod sprinkled with golden, crunchy breadcrumbs.
Roast potato crisps and chips.
And it would hardly be a proper fish and chips without some mushy peas


  1. If Fish and chips looked more like this I would eat it more often!

  2. Ahh fish and chips is one of my guilty pleasures! What about a FFID review of somewhere like Beshoff's in Dublin?! Not fine dining but sometimes you gotta have a fish n chips! :-)

  3. Not a big fan of Beshoff's but the Bloody stream pub in Howth makes excellent good looking fish and chips! Love this pub on a sunny day!

  4. Oooooh I look forward to reading all about it on FFID! Heavy on the vinegar on my chips :-)

  5. looks super tasty! I'm so trying all the other 49 recipes in the book :D High Five!!

    1. Thanks Edith! Me too, it's going to be brilliant. Wondering what your recipe will be......that sour dough perhaps?!