Friday, October 26, 2012

A (sort of) spooky Lunchbox Of The Week

For this week's Lunchbox Of The Week there wasn't really a choice. Halloween? Mini pumpkins? Yes please. 

So these mini pumpkins might have made my week month I must confess. Better still, they're called (get this): Munchkins. Nearly too cute to carve. Nearly. 

Halloween Lunchbox Of The Week

Spicy parsnip crisps, served in a munchkin
Ghostly chicken, garlic and cream puffs (my 5 year old self coming out)
Butternut squash risotto, in a munchkin of course 

Mr. Moustache's verdict? 'Deux munchkins does not a full lunchbox make'
Easy now Mr. M, easy.


  1. I love it L.! Really good idea! Butternut squash risotto sounds yummy xx

    1. Merci! We had a big pot of risotto, not just a munchkin full :-)

  2. Oh my! These Munchkins look so adorable!! And what a super brilliant Halloween lunchbox! Oh I want mini pumpkins now, I love miniature vegetables :)

    1. Thank you! Miniature vegetables are the cutest. Ohhhh that's an idea for a lunchbox! Mini veggie Lunchbox :-)