Monday, October 29, 2012

From London to...

Ah. Just another rainy Monday morning in London.

Next stop: Sri Lanka.

We've been planning this trip for so long and then all of a sudden it jumped up and shouted 'hiyah it's time, let's go'. 

Our very close friends have recently moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka and of course we'd have to visit and help them get settled in wouldn't we? Selfless friends and all that. I'm heading over a week earlier than Mr. Moustache for some quality time with my lovely friend Sandrine, otherwise know as Ma Gaufrette (little waffle). 

Colombo, photo courtesy of ma gaufrette 

Guidebook - check. Giant suitcase - check. Sun cream - check. Umbrella - check. 

Let's just say the weather is looking a little stormy there this week...

But that won't matter when there's a new country to explore, friends to catch up with and Sri Lankan cuisine to taste. Some cooking. And of course some new lunchboxes

Sandrine tells me we'll be having lobster on the beach tomorrow night. Now that I can handle. With a brolly.

Sri Lanka here I come...X

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