Friday, October 12, 2012

The Big Cheesebox Of The Week

Psst. C'mere. Let me tell you a little secret about Mr. Moustache. He doesn't like cheese. 

I know.

The man is French and he does not like cheese. 

I checked his passport when I found out. Not that I'd ever cast Mr. M as stereotypically French...

Mr. Moustache


Well he does like some cheeses. Give him a bit of cheddar and sure he'd be grand. But he wouldn't knock you over in the street for the last morsel, like this Cheese Monster. Outta my way now. 

So this week's Lunchbox Of The Week was all about ME. Uh-oh someone's turned into a diva after her 10 seconds of fame

This, dear reader, I like to call The Big Cheese Lunchbox.

There's also a certain French lady who might enjoy this. La fabuleuse Ms. French Foodie in Dublin who I've had the luck of meeting through my blog. Bon appétit Ms. FFID!

The Big Cheese Lunchbox

What's inside?

There we go: 

Deconstructed goat's cheese sandwich. Or goat's cheese salad if I'm not trying to be fancy
Cheddar and pancetta choux heart
Cheese basket with caramelised onion chutney
Parsnip and courgette rostis with Parmesan crisps
And of course, you'd have to have a bit of brie now wouldn't you?


  1. Mais Mr. Moustache??!!! Ca va pas non? A French man who doesn't like cheese. Sacrebleu!
    I'm chuffed!!! You made my day! I'm fabuleuse, j'adore :-)

  2. I know! Ca va pas du tout! Scandalous! Delighted you liked :-)

  3. Yummm!! Austrians are allowed to love cheese too! :D

  4. Let all the cheese lovers unite! Hope new blog going well Edith :-)