Friday, November 02, 2012

Dazed (and sweaty) in Sri Lanka and a Lunchbox

Three nights in Sri Lanka and my head is still whirling. Next week I'll update properly and try to put into words what the hectic city of Colombo is like. Right now I can't quite figure out how to do it justice. A city of contrasts with so much life:

Thankfully the rain finally stopped.

And as it's Friday I thought a best of the British Lunchbox Of The Week was in order. Pie and mash anyone?

Chicken pies, sweet potato mash, charlotte potato mash
Pancetta scratchings


That's not what you want to be eating in thirty degree heat.

You want something spicy. They like it HOT over here.

Today's real lunch. All you can eat buffet Sri Lankan style:

Pumpkin curry, egg fried rice, red rice, mushroom curry, mango chutney, beetroot curry, 
potato curry....That's a lot of spice.

Sri Lankan Snack  - the Egg Hopper
Similar to a thin pancake made with rice flour and coconut milk

Sweet puddings to finish

Eaten overlooking the Laccadive Sea,  It's a world away from London. When I'm not so dazed I can't wait to tell you all about it. Stay tuned and pass the frizz ease please - us Irish aren't cut out for this heat!


  1. I love it! You seem to have a brilliant time!
    Enjoy, it's freezing here!

  2. It is unbelievable here.... a crazy city...and so much more of Sri Lanka to explore! More updates to follow :-)

  3. Wow Wow Wow! Hope you are having a fabulous time! I'm looking forward to lots more photos. The temples look beautiful!

  4. Thanks Adrienne, having an amazing time! Getting used to the heat! Having a lazy Sunday by the pool :-) More temple visits next week.