Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eating in Habarana

After a day of exploring Sigiriya and  Polonnaruwa  yesterday I had two things on my mind: food and relaxation. We arrive in Habarana at the Cinnamon Lodge hotel ready for both. Habarana's location at the crossroads of the cultural triangle makes it an ideal spot to stay when visiting the surrounding areas. 

First a little arrack cocktail. Arrack is Sri Lanka's whiskey, an alcohol made from coconut. Mixed with fresh passion fruit juice, pineapple juice and grenadine: a sweet tropical aperitif:

Uh oh, the buffet's back.  Some highlights of our dinner:

Pumpkin curry (Warning, extremely spicy!)

Banana blossoms 

Coconut sambol (coconut, onion, red chilli, maldive fish chips, lemon)

Dhal curry (yellow lentils)

Dessert is pineapple crumble and homemade banana chocolate chip ice cream. And maybe, just maybe, one or two of these...

After all that indulgence a Ayurveda steam bath is needed. Floating on air I fall asleep dreaming of ancient ruins, gigantic rocks and curry. 

The next morning it's another early start, but first a little breakfast:

String hoppers, grated coconut, egg hopper, fudge, fresh wood apple juice

Red string hoppers

Sweet honey hopper

It lasted about three seconds. A crispy pancake combined with caramel-like crunchy honey bits.

Fed and revived we set out for the cave temple of Dambulla

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