Thursday, November 15, 2012

Magnificent cave temple in Dambulla

After a one hour drive from Habarana we arrive in Dambulla to visit Sri Lanka's most impressive cave temple. Tickets cost 1,500 rupees (approximately €9).

At the entrance the world's largest gold Buddha statue greets us:

A 107m climb to work off our breakfast in the sticky humid heat and we reach the five caves:

Keeping watch outside the caves:

Dating from the 1st century BC, the spectacular caves are filled with Buddhas and murals:

Pond outside the caves with Sri Lanka's national flower, the Blue Water Lilly:

It's a humbling experience and one of my favourite places so far. We clamber back down, meeting this little monkey on the way having a snack:

No time to hang around, next stop - one I've been waiting for - a spice and herbal farm. Full update tomorrow.  
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