Friday, November 23, 2012

More of the black stuff: Heritance Tea Factory Hotel, Sri Lanka

After our tour of the tea factory we headed to...another tea factory in the Hill Country.

The Heritance Tea Factory  Hotel - which does exactly what it says on the tin. The welcome drink on arrival is of course a lovely cuppa. Ah go on.

Accompanied by a 'shot' of cumin seeds, cardamom and sugar. A sweet and spicy explosion in your mouth, I went back for seconds.

While the interior of the factory has been beautifully restored, the exterior hasn't been altered.

Memorial in the garden, over 35,000 Sri Lankans died in the 2004 Tsunami 

The reception area is where the drying room used to be. 

On the fourth floor the blowing fans represent the tea withering room.

Views of the tea plantations from the bedrooms complete the unique feeling of staying in a piece of living history.

The climate is much cooler in the hill country. Alleluia! We even had heaters in our room and hot water bottles...a novelty after weeks of humidity and 30 degrees heat. At night it felt so cosy wrapped up with a hot water bottle looking out at the misty plantations. 

The next morning we took the iron-grille door lift down to breakfast.

Seeing the hotel restaurant called 'Kenmare' in Sri Lanka made me think of the talented (and hilarious) Karen of Kenmare Foodies in Ireland!

I think she'd like all the spice on offer in Sri Lanka's Kenmare, just maybe not for breakfast...

Instead we opted for a banana milkshake, apple juice,  mixed fruits, egg hoppers, banana cake, waffles and Ceylon tea. The tea comes from the surrounding plantation and it would have been sinful to drink anything else.

Ooooh and an omelette. In our defence we had a long drive ahead of us.

Our lovely Chef in action at the hopper and omelette station

Stuffed we rolled into the car and headed to Nuwara Elyia for a little exploring. Nuwara Elyia, or Little England, is Sri Lanka's main hill resort, with English style buildings and houses.

We strolled around the market, thankful for the cooler temperatures. I was even in jeans for the first time. Madness. 

After some shopping it was back on the road to Colombo. I've been here nearly a month now and just thinking of leaving tomorrow feels strange. But it's not quite over yet. One last dinner of curry, wine and chat with friends to look forward to. 

Sri Lanka, I'm going to miss you X.

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  1. Stunning place and views! The food looks fantastic, I stopped for a while on the waffles picture, I haven't had them in so long, yum yum! Enjoy your last moments in Sri Lanka!

  2. Merci Yolène! What an amazing holiday! Homeward bound today to freezing London, oh dear!