Friday, November 30, 2012

The McGenie Lunchbox Of The Week

I apologise in advance for the cheesiness of this week's Lunchbox Of the Week.

And also that it's sadly lacking any actual could I leave that out? Let's blame the jet lag from Sri Lanka...

The McGenie Lunchbox

Chicken nuggets 3 ways; breadcrumbs, polenta and sesame seeds
Homemade ketchup and spicy sauce, crispy fries
Strawberry and almonds milkshake

Mr. Moustache's verdict? 'Je l'adore'.

Don't you mean you're lovin' it Mr. M? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Beats a ham sandwich anyway! Liked this? You can check out the other Lunchboxes Of The Week here. I hope you enjoy them. 


  1. I love it L., it looks so delicieux! Great straw by the way.

  2. Merci beaucoup :-) Mr. Moustache wanted a super size version...I decided this one was a little healthier!