Friday, December 28, 2012

A toolbox and other delights from Brussels

As it's still technically Christmas indulgence time I'm taking a break this week from the Lunchbox Of The Week.

For 'taking a break' read eating so much cheese if you spot a talking Camembert in London next week that's me. We're staying with La Maman de Mr. Moustache in Brussels and as a result copious amounts of my favourite foods are being consumed:

Cheese, with a side portion of cheese, sprinkled with a little cheese, topped off with a slice of, oh OK then, cheese.

The Queen of the Cheeses - Truffle Pecorino
So this week Mr. Moustache had to do a DIY lunchbox. Or rather his toolbox.

Chocolate DIY. Courtesty of his cousins, a sweet gift from Die Schokoladenwerkstatt in Germany. Beautiful chocolate tools that you almost don't want to eat. Almost - that hammer has hammered its last cocoa nail.
Of course it's not just chocolate tools and cheese being consumed in Brussels. There's also been a little bit of this:
And some of these. Sure it would be rude not to have at least a few croissants. One or two pain au chocolats. With mirabelle jam. Wouldn't it?

Finished with...

Wait for it.

Yes. Oh yes. Oh yes.

Whatever you're indulging in I hope you're enjoying it. And remember, cheese is not just for Christmas - it's for life.

Bon appetit Xx.

If you'd like to see more delights from Brussels have a little read here.


  1. Brussels looks like a pretty nice place. I know you are having a fabulously cheesy time there, hope you have a fantastic New Year (full of fabulous coconuts) and are looking forward to an equally fabulous 2013 following your dreams. x

  2. Ah thanks Adrienne and many happy returns! It's cheese central here, I actually think I've done what I never thought I could do - eaten too much cheese! Roll on a fabulous coconut filled 2013...and wishing you all the best for a great year too with your telly working again ;-) Xx