Friday, December 07, 2012

Poptastic Lunchbox Of The Week

Ah there you are Friday, you've been a long time coming. Hang around for a while now please. Friday that is and you too dear reader.

This week's Lunchbox Of The Week is a little similar to last week's Lunchbox. I'm still all about milkshakes and this time it's an Oreo one, in Mr. Moustache's fancy new cup. There's about a gallon of it in there. And some sides of course.

Poptastic Lunchbox

Crispy popcorn chicken
Crispier onion rings
Crispiest toffee popcorn and Oreo cookies
That was the last crispy thing. Promise.
Oreo milkshake (not crispy)

Mr. Moustache's verdict? 'Crispy'.

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  1. Nice cup, each time I see a moustache I think of you ;-)
    Yum yum oreo milkshake sounds delish!

  2. Of me and my moustache?! Teehee. The Oreo milkshake is just what's needed on a Friday :-)