Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week Three in Leiths: The Very Hungry Cookery Student.

Last week in Leiths started with a guinea fowl and ended with a treacle sponge. And I started to feel a little like:

Image courtesy of Wikipedia 

On Tuesday I ate (half) a guinea fowl and realised I need to work on my meat jointing skills before I hack any more defenceless poultry. But I was still hungry.

On Wednesday I ate two courgette boats and discovered a love for turning vegetables. It's a love it or a I-hate-this-so-much-I'd-rather-stick-pins-in-my-eyes thing. Happiness is transforming courgettes into (lopsided) boats and potatoes into (strange) rugby shapes. But I was still hungry.

On Thursday I ate three steamed delights: Steak and kidney pudding, trout parcels and chicken dumplings. Steaming means it's healthy right? And they were all tasting portions. But I was still a bit peckish.

Juicy steak and kidney pudding from our steaming demonstration *

On Friday I ate one halibut with deep fried vegetable ribbons, some kale, chocolate tart, flat ham pie, fruit tart and one treacle sponge. 

Tarts from our French pastry demonstration

On Saturday...I started a detox. Just kidding. 

On Sunday I practised French pastry for next week and made my first pâte sucrée fruit tart. And now I have a stomach ache. But it was definitely worth it. 

French pastry tart

I may have neglected to mention a few items in my week as a very hungry caterpillar cookery student. 

Such as the ice-cream demonstration. A heavenly morning learning about ice-creams and tasting beautiful treats. Yes,  I'd tell you all about the double cream ginger ice-cream, tuiles amandines and sorbets. But I wouldn't like you to think I was being greedy now, would I?

* Photos from the demonstrations are of food cooked by my amazing teachers and I'm not trying to pass them off as my own. Now, there we go, in case there was any confusion. I think we can all see the difference. Ahem. 


  1. Oh Guinea fowl! I had that at my wedding!!! love it! but I would have ate the whole thing they are only small! And those tarts!!!

    1. Ah Peggy I was trying not to eat too much as it was only Tuesday ;-) The French pastry tarts were the best.

  2. Wow, L., sounds like a lot of eating and cooking. It's a fantastic experience, lucky you.

  3. Merci Ms.FFID! I was so delighted to get to learn all about French pastries...I was in heaven!

  4. Great week L! I confess to rather enjoying turning vegetables myself when I have the time. I love making food look pretty.
    Looking forward to next week. x

  5. Thanks C! I think I'm a bit of a turning addict too, turners unite! Delighted you enjoyed it x

  6. This post is adorable! And the food! I have such a fondness for the Hungry Caterpillar--it was my favorite as a child (and now!)


  7. Thank you for your lovely comment! It's one of my favourite books too, read it so many times when I was younger. Delighted you enjoyed the post :-)