Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week Five in Leiths: Confessions of a cookery student.

Behind every new cookery student is a loved one eating the benefits of their new skills. 

Gourmet treats are rustled up at home. Prosciutto gougères kick the week off on Monday. A little lemon sole meunière of a Tuesday. Followed by Quiche Lorraine on a Wednesday. With homemade pastry of course. I'm scandalised you even asked. A quick Omelette Arnold Bennett for Thursday's dinner. And just because it's Friday how about a spatchcocked poussin? No no, no trouble at all. 

Some more Hollandaise with your Eggs Benedict darling? Don't worry, the boned Dover Sole is on the way, I just got held up spinning sugar. 

Or that's how I imagined it would be.

Silly me. 

On a good day Mr. Moustache might get a lunchbox of cold leftovers. Might. Strange things can happen on a ninety minute Tube journey home. 

There's been a whole lot of toasted cheese going on in my little London kitchen. Sure it's practically a croque-monsieur. All hail pasta for it is blessed (and quick). And, my personal favourite, the pizza. 

After making flaky pastry tarts, hazelnut meringue cake, tarte au citron, pasta with truffle oil and lemosoufflé, sometimes a toastie is just what you need. 

OK, so it hasn't been all toasted cheese. Just 75% of the time. Today was one of those other days (as Mr. Moustache breathed a sigh of relief) and first up was a gruyère soufflé. Snapped just a few seconds too late as it deflated. That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it. 

Followed by some Beef and Guinness stew with posh spuds (practising piping skills, I'd normally leave my spuds alone). 

Soda bread rolls completed the Irish theme for the day.

Five weeks in and it's still feeling like a dreamworld in Leiths. Pinch-myself-is-this-really-happening? Oh yes it is. Demonstrations. Cooking. Service! I love it all. 

On Friday we had a lecture on the diamonds of the kitchen, truffles. Followed by an afternoon of blissful cooking (including making my first homemade pasta). Topped off with a toasted cheese at home. If Carlsberg made Fridays... 

Here's to next week and snapping that soufflé while it's still inflated. 

Thanks to Baking Bachelor for his ideas inspiration. Real men bake.

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