Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week Six and Seven in Leiths: Something was in the air...

Two more weeks in Leiths have gone as quickly as the time it took me to eat the Chelsea buns we made on the way home. Whoooosh. Nibble nibble. It's important to keep up your energy levels on long Tube journeys.

Multiple Chelsea Buns

Souffl├ęs were risen, poussins were spatchcocked and carrots were turned (just about). Matchstick potato chips were burned - no chips should be that skinny.

Spatchcock Poussin

Cutting carrots into chunks will never be the same again

French pastry tarts were gobbled up at home (too messy for the Tube you see). Cakes were iced, wines were tasted, my first proper pasta was made and the art of butchery was discovered.

In week six we had our group cooking for fifty students task, in a team of four we prepared a two course Italian meal in three hours. Now that was a speedy three hours.

Turns out amore wasn't just in the air in school. On a flying visit back home to Ireland at the end of week six a question was popped...

And I said...


Cue celebrations, floating on air and a silly grin plastered on my face. Ahh. Merci Mr. Moustache Xx. 

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better (ahem!), I met Chef Martin Kajuiter in the Cliff House Hotel. We had an unbelievable tasting menu in its Michelin Star House restaurant. Sadly the blurry photos I took don't do the food justice, but I'll always have the memory of the most special meal. 

There was no time to plan the 20 tier wedding cake, straight back to school for week seven. The butchery must go on and Monday kicked off with a day long demonstration by two skillful butchers. Followed by an all day cooking session on Tuesday.

Then things went all green towards the end of the week.

On Thursday we learned about Italian cooking from the amazing vegetarian Italian Chef Ursula Ferrigno.  Listening to Ursula made me want to move to Italy and make (and eat) pasta, focaccia and risotto all day long. Her passion bubbles out of her and all of a sudden I'm wishing I was half Italian too. Followed by vegetarian Chef expert David Bailey on Friday who demonstrated beautiful vegetarian dishes bursting with flavours. Make that a vegetarian half-Italian.

So that was the last two weeks. My head's still spinning...

Who knows what week eight will bring? After the last two weeks I definitely don't. Bring it on :-)

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  1. Well once again CONGRATULATIONS!!! Eeek! So exciting for you to have this huge life change and so much beginning to happen. x

    1. Thanks C! It's been a crazy few months to say the least...I'm loving every single second :-) X

  2. Congratulations again! Enjoy the weekend away getting the ring! So jealous, would love to be doing it all over again!xx

    1. Thanks A! Am enjoying this part of it, you can help me plan wedding cake! X

  3. What a busy lady you've been! And a huge congrats :D

  4. Ah thanks Tash! It's been a busy few weeks alright...having a brilliant time in Leiths. Hope all is well :-) X