Monday, March 11, 2013

Week eight and nine in Leiths: Meringues, canapés and other delights.

At the risk of readers thinking I've fallen into a vat of crème patissière (and by readers I mean my Mum. Hiyah Mum.), here's a bite-sized update on the last two weeks in Leiths

Every day starts with the best of intentions to take beautiful photos. Ahem. 

Then I go into school and all of a sudden taking out the camera is the last priority. Plus the food never looks quite the way I imagined it. Funny that...

So the three photos below are the only evidence I have of the long list we've been making. Some other favourites were a boned and stuffed chicken...more soufflés (can you ever have TOO many soufflés? Em, yes you can.)...vension steak...caramelised duck breast...artichoke soup...pork belly...and beer bread. 

Warm Greek salad with sardines

Brandy snap torte with plum ice cream and raspberry coulis 

French pastry tarts with crème patissière

It's been another whirlwind two weeks of cooking sessions and demonstrations. And I've dipped my whisk into the real world with some work experience. 3, 000 meringues and 3, 000 canapés.  Because things should always be done in thousands shouldn't they? 

I played a teeny part in helping the lovely Meringue Girls prepare for Feast London and quickly developed an obsession with perfecting my piping skills (it's an ongoing project). Two nights passed in a blur of piping tear drop shaped meringues with flavours from pistachio and rosewater to hot cross  bun meringues. 

Then last Friday with some other students we helped out in the kitchen for the school's annual charity canapé party. 2 minutes to service on lamb! It's a buzz that gives you goose bumps and I can't wait to experience more of it.

Pictured below are the canapés made by our teachers. 

 Seared tuna with spiced avocado on crostini 

Moroccan lamb, tzatziki, spiced chickpea flatbread

Sea bass with fennel puree and hazelnut dressing

My first restaurant experience is coming up in April and I'm 9 parts excited mixed with 1 part terrified sprinkled with a little hell-yes. 

But in the meantime it's straight into week ten and exam time for the intermediate term. Where have the last 10 weeks disappeared to? Our theory exam is on Friday and then next Thursday it's all coming to a peak with the practical exam. Time to bury my head in the books and the mixing bowls. This is it. The proof will, hopefully, be in the pudding. Fingers and palette knives crossed. 


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