Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another week in Leiths...

'If you're afraid of butter, use cream' said Julia Child

Butter and cream - two of the sweetest legal substances known to the human race. 

And if you're scared of cream then just use butter. But never low fat butter. 

My first croissants *may* contain butter

Life really is too short and I'm trying to remember every second of my last term in Leiths. When I'm a wizened old woman with hardened butter-clogged arteries I hope I'll look back at this week and smile remembering just what it was all like...

Monday started off with hand-made crab and prawn tortellini and warm asparagus and mozarella salad with salsa verde.  

Followed by a treat-filled Tuesday with a full day of making petit fours. Macarons, marshmallows, fondant fancies, chocolate truffles. I solemnly swear I gave away a lot of them. It seemed like the wrong right thing to do. 

Wine Wednesdays? Yes, every Wednesday should be a wine Wednesday. It was school trip time for a trip to two English vineyards with tastings. Sure it would have been rude not to don't you think?

Then back in the kitchens on Thursday for some more pasta and pan-fried gnocchi with a sage beurre noisette. With plenty of vegetables for good measure. 

And finally on Friday, watching a dessert plating demonstration by our teacher. One we'll have to recreate in a few weeks. Followed by making rabbit ravioli and red pepper and tomato consommé. 

This time last year my weeks were nothing like this, and I ate low fat butter. Guess which is more fun? 

6 weeks to go...

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  1. Life really is too short to eat that amount of sugar though. I still have a saccharine hangover from all those petit fours... Urgh....

    Lovely post, Genie!

  2. Ah but is it REALLY too short Steffi?! I'm sure we could have managed a little bit more sugar, teehee, definitely just kidding, I still have a pain in my teeth ;-) Thank you X