Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Advanced term in Leiths, week 2. Life's simple pleasures...

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. 

Like scooping up a sweet vinaigrette with velvety artichoke leaves. Close your eyes and image you're on an olive farm in France, a warm breeze and glass of chilled rosé in hand. Oh oui. Then snap them open as you're jostled about on the Tube. 

Or heirloom tomatoes which form their own kaleidoscope of colours that you cannot improve on. Just let them be. 

Or the flavours of hot smoked mackerel and beetroot cured silky salmon. And the smell of fresh rye bread straight from the oven. 

Of course I could tell you all about how my first dip into the magical world of clearing this week was a cloudy splash. Resulting in an embarrassed murky jelly hiding behind my classmates' crystal clear ones.

Or how my first puff pastry didn't rise to its full potential and would bring a little tear to your eye. For crimes against pastry. Guilty as charged. 

But that would mean I was taking myself a bit too seriously. And it's the simple things in life right? I agree :-) Here's to week three...


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