Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bursting the cookery school bubble...not quite yet


There goes the last 6 months in Leiths. We're heading into our final week and after my practical exam on the 27th of June school will officially be out. 

When did that happen? It's been a 6 month blur of indulgence, fun and hard work. And butter. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a cookery school student in possession of a recipe must add more butter. Except when you add (way) too much to your pomme purée and it turns into a pomme mousseline. But that's OK because that's what you meant to do. Yes it was. Everyone likes a potato mousse. 

Rabbit pie, roast saddle stuffed with black pudding, pancetta and spring greens
Deep fried rabbit confit and baby veg
Prosecco sabayon, pistachio parfait, strawberry mille feuille and strawberry coulis

But I'm not quite ready to let it go just yet. Not quite ready to stop consuming copious amounts of baked goods on the Tube (it's a long journey, sustenance is needed). Not quite ready to stop the cheesy cookery school jokes. I'd tell you them but you might not like me very much after. 

 Purely coincidental I ended up with this particular crab. Which ended up as a tian.

Hand-made pasta with chicken mouselline and a morel and broad bean sauce
Hand-made sausages with hot raw beetroot and caramelised apples

Between you and me and the potato mousse, I'm 8 parts excited, 2 parts terrified mixed with a generous sprinkle of bring-it-on,  about what might happen next. So while I get stuck into theory exam revision I'm thinking about the last 6 months with a misty-eyed fondness. I wouldn't change a sugar-coated second of it.

Really it's Mr. Moustache I feel sorry for. He's grown accustomed to treats like foie gras parfait and a loaf of brioche on a Wednesday followed by rabbit three ways. Or a whole lobster to feast on. Or eating a crab with my name on it. 

Someone needs to tell him to get his apron on...

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