Friday, August 16, 2013

The Stuffed Sandwich Lunchbox

Now putting an Irish breakfast, fish and chips and mini beef wellingtons into lunchboxes is all well and good. But sometimes you just need a proper sandwich. Yes you do. 

Now, not a hang sandwich. Readers outside of Ireland may not be familiar with the delight that is a hang or ham sandwich. This my friend is a stuffed chicken, apricot, pancetta and feta sandwich. It won't change your life, but it will make you feel a little smug as your co-workers tuck into their limp wraps and yours has a green ribbon on it. 

What do you mean you never tie green ribbons around your sandwiches? This is clearly a useful way to spend your time. 

So for this week's Lunchbox Of the Week we gobbled up these stuffed ciabatta rolls. 

Preparation time 10 minutes. Makes two ciabatta rolls. 

2 ciabatta rolls
Handful of salad leaves
110g/4oz chicken pieces
30g/1oz dried apricots
55g/2oz feta cheese
2 slices pancetta, cooked 

Take 2 ciabatta rolls and cut out a lid for your sandwich. Then hollow out the roll by removing the bread inside (you can keep this for a quick stuffing). Like so:

Then build up the sandwich starting with a layer of salad leaves, then chicken, apricots, feta, pancetta, finishing with another layer of salad leaves. Or do it whatever way you like, I'm a little bossy today. Like so:

Then pop the lid back on top. Here's the how-to photo:

At this stage you can either eat it straight away. Or wrap up tightly in cling film and weigh down with a board overnight to compress the ingredients. 

Parcel up in baking paper and a green ribbon. Do I need to go over the green ribbon thing again? It's a vital component. 

Then gobble up, content in the fact that you have the nicest lunchbox. Oh yes you do.

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