Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cuisine Genie is currently locked in toasty hot kitchens, having the time of her life, sleeping on the Tube, eating on the go. And making gravy. Tonnes and tonnes of gravy. So much gravy the world has never seen before. 

And apparently now refers to herself in the third person. Ahem. What's that about?

Do you like gravy? Who doesn't like a proper gravy? Yes, dear reader, if gravy be the food of love, then pass the gravy boat.

In my next blog post I'll reveal the story behind the gravy ramblings...but in the meantime I wanted to say thank you to the lovely Blog Awards Ireland for including me in the shortlist for the Best Blog of the Diaspora! I've celebrated with a little shot of gravy, neat. 

In other news Mr. Moustache has taken over the kitchen at home. In these tough times when there's no cooking at home we all have a part to play. 

Further update to follow very soon Xx

PS: Mum, if you're reading (and you better be) told you I would update soon :-)