Friday, October 23, 2015

Le Shoe Parfait

Alas, not an ode to the perfect shoe.

There is a highly useful piece of kitchen equipment called a Vitamix Vita-Prep - a blender. Relatively fool-proof to use. You'd imagine. 

So. About that.

While it may seem like a fairly straightforward step in the process of using a blender always ensure you put the lid on. Tight.

Otherwise there will be an episode. A combination of partially blended chicken livers, foie gras, emulsified butter and eggs all over your shoes. Your apron. Your hair. Your face. And the ceiling. As you watch the livers slide off your shoes onto the tiles you start to feel a little like this:

Image source Wikipedia

You brush the congealed butter off your face and flashback to this time last year when you were sitting at your desk with your manicured hands in your business suit typing away on your emails delighted with yourself. 

Time to go home and cry into your calloused hands.

You won’t forget to tighten it next time, will you? 

Thought not. 

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