Thursday, November 05, 2015

Pack it up

The vac pack is a vital piece of restaurant equipment. Removing the air from a bagged food/liquid and sealing it allows you to preserve it for a lot longer. You can also use it to infuse food with flavours by compressing. Imagine vac packing diced apple with apple juice, infusing carrots with a pickle liquor. When ours breaks down in the kitchen you realise just how reliant you are on it. 

You also realise just how reliant you are on it when something goes wrong. Like when you forget to set the timer to stop at 10 seconds and let it run up to 50. Now this might be OK if you were vac packing some innocuous liquid like, perhaps, water. However, when it's bone marrow butter it can be rather upsetting. Upsetting like making you want to stab yourself in the eye upsetting. You watch as the butter explodes in the machine and jab at the stop button which for some reason won't obey you and for the-love-of-god-why-won't-it-stop. You glance frantically around you, exhaling with relief as you see there's no one around to witness this supreme display of idiocy. Then you spot the KP who helps you clean up the disaster and promises not to tell anyone.

(And then you write a blog post about it)

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