About me 

This is my story of cooking, eating and living in London. And about Lunch boxes.

My name is Laoise (Lee-sha) from Ireland originally and now living in London. 

In my former life I used to be a Human Resources Manager in Dublin. When my Dad became critically ill and after a terrifying roller coaster survived, the cliché that life's too short suddenly rang sharply true. In 2012 I decided to follow the dream I'd always been too afraid to. To become a chef and writer. Now I'm in my own scary-exciting adventure not knowing where it's going to end up. In June 2013 I completed a professional diploma at Leiths School of Food and Wine. I quickly became addicted to the world of restaurants. I worked at The Dairy, in Clapham for two years and now work at our sister restaurant Paradise Garage in Bethnal Green.  I also write regular columns for the Evening Standard and Independent newspapers. Each week in the Evening Standard I feature one of my favourite London restaurants and a simple lunch box recipe for readers to create at home inspired by the restaurant. I also write about lunch for the Independent. Is there such as thing as too much information about lunch? No, I agree, there isn't. Since I started writing I've been lucky enough to interview two wonderful chefs Alain Ducasse and Michel Roux Jr.

I wrote an article in the Irish Times about giving up my job to follow my dream. Brave or mad? The jury's still out on that one...and then another one about what it's like to work as chef.

If you'd like to get in touch I'd love to hear from you. I'd especially love to hear from you in relation to freelance writing opportunities. You can email me at cuisinegenie@gmail.com. Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. Happy reading and bon appétit.Laoise X 

All of the recipes and photographs on this site are my own and my copyright, unless stated otherwise. While I would love you to link to me please do not reproduce any of my material without my consent. Thank you. 

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