The London Lunchbox



The Stuffed Sandwich Lunchbox
Stuffed chicken, apricot, feta and pancetta ciabatta
Recipe is available here

The Kidult Lunchbox
Spiral sausage rolls, tomato and apple chutney, herb oven fries
Recipe is available here

The McGenie Lunchbox
Chicken nuggets 3 ways; breadcrumbs, polenta and sesame seeds
Homemade ketchup and spicy sauce, crispy fries
Strawberry and almond milkshake

Mini Me Lunchbox 

'Mini me assemble your own' burger, sweet potato nutmeg mash.

Vegetable quiche, mini beef wellington and a little onion ring hiding beside the quiche.

The Full Irish Lunchbox
A filo pastry egg filled parcel, Parma ham, mushroom pâté puddings.
With some fancy-ish baked bean ragu - flageolet beans with leek and chive sausages.

The Poptastic Lunchbox
Crispy popcorn chicken, crispier onion rings
Crispiest toffee popcorn and Oreo cookies
That was the last crispy thing. Promise.
Oreo milkshake (not crispy)

Best of the British Lunchbox
Chicken and bacon pies
Pancetta 'scratchings'
Sweet potato mash and Maris Piper mash

Not a prawn cracker in sight Lunchbox
Chicken and vegetable stir fry
Courgette fried rice
Crispy vegetable spring roll and chestnut wontons with soy sauce

The Christmas Lunchbox
Baked Brie pops (recipe here)
Turkey, ham, cranberry and sour dough sandwich
Mini roasties

Halloween Munchkin Lunchbox
Halloween? Mini munchkin pumpkins? Yes please. 

Spicy parsnip crisps, served in a munchkin
Ghostly chicken, garlic and cream puffs (my 5 year old self coming out)
Butternut squash risotto, in a munchkin of course.

The Irish Lunchbox
When I was back home for the Goodall's Modern Irish Cookbook launch, only 1 lunchbox would do. The Irish. Bacon and cabbage anyone?

Creamy bacon and cabbage pie
Pancetta, cabbage and onion gratin, topped with breadcrumbs and pecans.
Accompanied by cheesey shamrock puffs. I may have gone overboard with the shamrocks...
With a mini brown bread loaf and goat's cheese.

The Big Cheese Lunchbox
One for me, not Mr. Moustache - read why here

Deconstructed goat's cheese sandwich. Or goat's cheese salad if I'm not trying to be fancy
Cheddar and pancetta choux heart
Cheese basket with caramelised onion chutney
Parsnip and courgette rostis with Parmesan crisps
And of course, you'd have to have a bit of brie now wouldn't you?

The Diva Lunchbox
To celebrate my 10 seconds of fame

Caramelised onion, feta and pistachio filo tart 
Diva chicken pie with a rich flaky pastry crust
Mini chippy potatoes with crispy parma ham and a balsamic glaze

Pancakes and Crêpes Lunchbox
Pancakes with chicken, peppers and mushroom stir fry. 
Chocolate crêpes with coconut yogurt and pistachios.

Posh Fish Fingers Lunchbox
Courgette carpaccio in a filo pastry basket. Topped with a mini feta parcel.
Cod fish fingers.
With a tomato salsa in a lettuce boat.

Le French Lunchbox
What could possibly be better than French toast?
How about a savoury French toast sandwich?

Slices of savoury French toast, topped with rocket, mozzarella and Parma ham.

Eggilicious Olympic Rings Lunchbox
Nibble nibble on some mini omelettes. 
Apart from the blue ring. That was a little trickier. 
There are not enough blue foods in the world. 
Blueberries were the best I could come up with, on a slice of brioche. 
Then four mini two cheese omelettes topped with: 
Aubergine, parma ham, roast butternut squash and lettuce and basil leaves. 

Les Trois Amigos Lunchbox
It started with a little tortilla sombrero.
Which was joined by some roasted courgette, aubergine and pepper, sitting on feta.
Followed by HealthyER Southern fried chicken, an onion ring and a slice of cheddar. 
And then the mini threesome was complete. 

Honey I made you a salad Lunchbox
Honey and wholegrain mustard chicken salad with rocket. 

Battle of the Quiches Lunchbox
Half and half roast vegetable and tomato quiches.
Served with a mixed feta salad.

Retro Lunchbox

A little retro number:
Chicken stuffed with ricotta and spinach, 
wrapped in parma ham with mascarpone pasta.

Healthy-ish Burgers and Chips Lunchbox
Mini burger, sweet potato chips.
Served with onion rings, coleslaw and aioli mayonnaise.

Eggtastic Lunchbox
Omelette strips on a bed of herby potatoes.
Topped with chorizo and cheese. 


  1. Ah thank you! Am chuffed you like them. I started off doing them as a little joke for our lunches, now we pick one each week and I post it up on Fridays :-)

  2. Fantastic idea! J'adore aussi!

    1. Merci! Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day ;-)